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Media Asia Group Holdings Limited is an all-round entertainment company engaging in a wide range of entertainment operations including film production and distribution; organisation, management and production of concerts and live performances; artiste management; production and distribution of television programs; music production and publishing; licensing of media contents; provision of consultancy services in planning and management of cultural, entertainment and live performance projects.

Business Strategies

Orchestrating our Future Success
The Chinese government has announced a series of new policies to ensure that the Chinese entertainment and cultural industries can more than double their size by the end of 2015. To rise with the largest entertainment market in the world, the Group has made big strides in shaping up its business strategy as an all-around entertainment company with a comprehensive revenue plan realized across all major consumer media and entertainment platforms. A dedicated team is charged to execute this plan with a view to capturing the synergistic and cohesive efforts across all divisions of the Group, including film, television, music, live entertainment, artiste management and new media. The Group aims to distribute not only its own products but also contents from third parties with values similar to Media Asia. By leveraging on the strengths of our strategic investors, partners, content providers and advertisers, the Group endeavours to build up a distribution platform that will deliver maximum revenue from our movies, television, music, live entertainment, merchandising and artiste management.

The Group has access to the pool of eSun’s artistes as well as eSun’s music and film libraries. Together with the Group’s own product, the Group is enabled to offer a wider product and to reach a broader customer base for building up a strong base of its PRC businesses.

The Group is entering markets of strategic importance and is expanding its portfolio to broaden appeal and synergy. We are also developing location based entertainment projects to create interactive entertainment experiences by linking online activities with offline experiences, and vice versa. Management of the Group will continue to explore opportunities to broaden the Group’s income stream through business and/or assets acquisition, with primary focus in the PRC and Macau markets.


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