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All You Need Is Love
Director Richie Jen, Andy Luo An-de
Actor Richie Jen, Shu Qi, Ti Lung, Lego Li Guo-yi, Kong Jiu
Genre Romance / Comedy
Running Time 110 MIN
Category IIA
He used to be a happy-go-lucky Taiwanese wanderer, but following his mother’s death, he now settles down at his hometown in the Pescadores Islands running a crummy B&B. His carefree and peaceful existence is turned topsy-turvy when she appears: a wealthy, educated and popular travelogue blogger from China, who is determined to unlock her mother’s secret past on this very island. Stranded in his decrepit B&B with her passport, cash and luggage lost in the sea, she eventually finds love in the least expected place.

Opening Year Ceremony Nomination Award
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