Shadow of Justice
Hong Kong Narcotics Inspector Ling Fung (played by Chilam Cheung) and Sergeant Fan Wei (played by Sunny Wang) are good friends and partners who have solved many complicated cases in joint hands. In an ambush while carrying out a mission overseas, Ling Fung managed to escape but Fan Wei disappeared.

When Ling returned to Hong Kong, he was accused of betraying the police force. Ling had no alternative but left Hong Kong illegally in an attempt to collecting evidence to prove his innocence. Determined to arrest Ling, Fan’s fiancé Kan Man Shan (played by Fiona Sit) who is the Inspector of Serious Crime Section went to Malaysia. But, Kan found out that Ling was innocent and met Fan again a long time after his disappearance. When they returned to Hong Kong later, they came to know a new “Y” drug trafficking plan. The extensive “Go Cheuk Club” came into their notice in the course of investigation into the plan. When Kan and Ling knew that Fan had joined the Club for money, they were similarly determined to crack down the wicked Club despite much challenge in the face of the dark forces.
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