Police Tactical Unit
Genre Action, Inspirational, Suspense Cast Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Alex Fong, Patrick Tam
Episodes 30 ep x 45 mins.
Director Ho Shu Pui
The PTU is a riot control unit with semi-military training that also deals with organized crime. The unit consists of police officers that are transferred in on a rotational basis. All members of the unit are trained in riot control and regularly perform anti-secret societies patrols, crowd control, and riot control when one occurs.

Kasing Ko is an undercover cop who has returned to the force after taking down the organized crime syndicate he had infiltrated. However, having spent much time undercover, he is unable to completely divest himself of his secret identity and still tends to talk and act like a hooligan. To allow him to readjust back to society and become a model police officer, he is transferred to the PTU to undergo rigorous training.

Sergeant Wailing Ho hails from a family with police officers, and she is rigidly upright as a result. Although she suffers from infertility, she never lets her condition weigh her down and vows to forge her own path in life. Although she is bothered by how her father's casket was not draped with the national flag after he died in the line of duty, she continues to take pride in the fact that she can execute justice for the people as an officer.

The two couldn't be more different - one is trapped by the past, the other is troubled by the future - and yet fate has found a way to bring them together.

KinFai Lau is an old police officer who never lost his initial zeal for his job. He is dedicated to the institution and insists on sticking to the rules while also always looking out for his companions.

These three police officers with completely different backgrounds are transferred into the PTU at the same time. Despite misunderstandings, conflicts, and outright clashes, they weather their time in the PTU together and complete one arduous mission after another - some even to the point of near-death. Through their experiences, they discover the meaning of true friendship between comrades, and eventually make a name for themselves as truly upstanding police officers.
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