Johnnie To、YAU Nai-hoi


Frank HUI、Jevons AU、Vicky WONG


LAM Ka Tung、Richie Jen、Jordan CHAN







Release Date


Everything Happens for a Reason.

“Kings of Thieves” Cheuk Chi Keung, Yip Kwok Foon and Kwai Ching Hung never know one another even though they share the same notoriety in the underworld. But unbeknownst to them, their random presence at a restaurant in China at the same time in early 1997 is destined to change their fate forever.

Cheuk Chi Keung has just got away with a HK$200 million ransom from kidnapping the son of a Hong Kong tycoon without firing a single shot. Having reached the zenith of his career in crime, he yearns for something more challenging and earth shattering.

Yip Kwok Foon has just escaped from a heavy shootout with the Hong Kong police after a bank heist and is laying low in China. Leading a mundane existence while smuggling electronic goods from Hong Kong, he ends up at loggerheads with the corrupt bureaucrats in China.

Kwai Ching Hung is a cautious chameleon who has been doing smalltime heist jobs to keep himself under the police radar. Even though the reward is not as lucrative as his peers, it keeps him out of jail. But even he is getting antsy and is looking for another way out.

In his own unique way, each of these “Kings of Thieves” is at a crossroads in his crime career on the cusp of Hong Kong’s Handover to China. When they hear in the grapevine that the three of them are planning a big heist together to leave their mark in the crime Hall of Fame, they decide to take a stab at it ultimately.