Love In The Butt


Pang Ho-cheung


Miriam Yeung、Shawn Yue







Release Date


What started as a chance meeting in the back alley for a smoke, ended up in a romance for Jimmy Cheung and Cherie Yue. Six months later, Cherie can no longer stand Jimmy’s habit of dragging his feet on everything and Jimmy is tired of Cherie’s temper tantrums. When Jimmy is offered a lucrative position in Beijing, their love in a puff is snuffed out. On one of his business trips to Shanghai, Jimmy meets a flight attendant Shang You-you, who falls in love with him immediately. Meanwhile, Cherie is sent to Beijing to open a new shop, where she meets and starts to date Sam, a Malaysian Chinese who works for an I.T. company. Jimmy and Cherie finally meet up in the fall of 2010 after a series of text messages. Despite the tender moments in their newfound relationship, the nagging polarity of their sense of value still keeps them apart. When You-you catches onto Jimmy’s infidelity, she begs him to stay. Cherie leaves Jimmy a voice message asking him never to see her again because she’s disappointed they’re unable to overcome their differences. When one of You-you’s text messages reminds Jimmy of the time with Cherie, they agree to part company peacefully. Meanwhile, Cherie takes on a secondment to Shanghai for 6 months and Sam decides to take time off to be with her. While waiting to board the train, Cherie breaks down crying after she receives a text message from Jimmy. After Sam learns of the reason, he encourages her to give Jimmy a second chance. In this sequel to the hit movie《Love in a Puff》, Jimmy and Cherie start a new life in Beijing after they ended their relationship. Despite meeting someone else, they can’t seem to forget each other and are torn between fidelity towards their new partners and following their hearts. Find out what happens to Jimmy and Cherie 9 months after where we left them in《Love in a Puff》.