Romancing in Thin Air


Johnnie To


Louis KOO态Sammi Cheng







Release Date


As superstar Mike steps on stage to make his acceptance speech for his third Best Actor award, he produces a diamond ring and proposes to actress Yuanyuan, who accepts obligingly under the limelight.

On the day of the wedding, when Mike is left stranded at the altar after his fiancée runs off with her childhood sweetheart, Mike’s agent Barbara and her assistant Ray usher Mike from the scene straight to the airport for a plane bound for Kunming.

At Kunming airport, Mike mistakenly boards a car driven by Sammi and ends up in a small inn in Shangri-la. While Mike decides to stay behind to lick his wounds, Yuanyuan caves in to the frenzied media and decides to quit showbiz and get married in her hometown Shanxi.

After spending time together, Mike and Sammi both sense that love is in the air, but he is once again ushered away by Barbara without a chance to say goodbye.

When Mike’s next job takes him to Shanxi, he decides to take a detour and look in on Yuanyuan, who now runs a small inn in the countryside. On his way to the Shanxi airport, Mike decides to return to Yunnan.