A Beautiful Life


Andrew Lau


Liu Ye、Shu Qi







Release Date


When they first meet, no one can see this coming. She is a young, aggressive Beijing-based real estate agent from Hong Kong carrying an affair with a married man who also happens to be her boss. He is an honest but way too rigid policeman in his midlife crisis, who remains single to take care of his kid brother. A chance encounter in a karaoke lounge leads to an unlikely friendship. While he becomes infatuated with her, finding her pronunciation of his name the most dulcet tune he has ever heard, she is wrestling with being dumped by her boss and fired from her job at the same time. She eventually runs off to Hong Kong after borrowing almost his entire savings. Several years have gone by before she realizes he is the one for her. She comes back to Beijing to look for him, only to find out he is dying of vascular dementia. She decides to live with him and take care of the rest of his life. When she discovers she is pregnant, she keeps a diary for him, so that the baby will know who his father is after he is born. On one rainy day, he is out walking and forgets the road home. By the time he is eventually admitted to the hospital, he is already terminally ill and cannot even remember his own name. Only when she comes to his bedside and starts whispering his name in his ear does he remember distinctly her voice – and her – again.