Derek Kwok


Janice Vidal、Janice Man、Aarif Rahman、Leon Lai







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Winnie never knows her mother. Ever since she was a toddler, her father and scientist grandfather had weaved the tale that she works for Santa Claus. Not until Winnie turns twenty does the incredible truth finally dawns on her, when she accidentally opens a freezing chamber in his grandfather’s laboratory and resurrects a mysterious young woman inside. This woman is none other than Winnie’s long lost mother, Gigi, who, unbeknownst to her daughter, has been cyronically frozen since a fatal car accident twenty years ago. Still very much a teenager, Gigi is shaken not only by the presence of a daughter physically older than her but also by the devastating news that her idol Leslie Cheung has passed away during her long slumber. To make up for lost time, she sets off with Winnie in search of her boyfriend, Kit, who happens to be Winnie’s biological father. The Kit that Gigi used to know was a dashingly handsome young man fully convinced he would become a pop star some day. When Gigi and Winnie finally locate him, he has already dwindled into a grumpy middle-aged vagabond having his life sucked out of him. When the newly met mother and daughter finally manage to rekindle the fire within Kit, he realizes all too late that Gigi’s days on this brave new world are actually numbered.