Marriage Trap


Manfred Wong


Zhang Cheng


Guo Tao、Tao Hong、Liu Hua







Release Date


Love is all about believing. Ask Gore (Guo Tao): he knows it better than anyone. When he finds himself deeply infatuated with a gorgeous con artist Peachy (Tao Hong), he chooses to believe everything she says. The humble wedding celebrant Gore always dreams about walking the aisle with the love of his life but ends up falling for the wrong girl instead. Although the wry bachelor has smoked out his dream girl who bears multiple identities and disguises herself in different professions, sometimes even faking incurable diseases, he still tries to marry her at all costs. However, Peachy doesn’t share the same passion, as Gore has unintentionally disrupted her schemes and scared away the men who have fallen prey to her beauty and charm. In order to end all these shambles, Peachy decides to own up to the truth of her life to cut him loose, but Gore sees the revelation as an honest confession and loves her even more. Just when Peachy thinks she is always on the upper hand, she finds herself having fallen genuinely in love with Gore. When the dust from the scam clears, a unique spin on this quirky relationship erupts. Who is the predator? Who is the prey? The answer is no longer that simple.