Tsui Hark、 Ringo Lam、Johnnie To


Tsui Hark、Ringo Lam、Johnnie To


Simon Yam、Sun Hong-Lei、Louis KOO、Kelly Lin、LAM Ka Tung







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Life has not been kind to SAM (Simon Yam), FAI (Louis Koo) and MOK (Sun Hong Lei) as they struggle to make ends meet. Routine visits to bars seem to be their only way out of miseries. Until a stormy evening when a mysterious old man appears before them with a tip: An ancient treasure is buried under the high-security Legislative Building. All they have to do is sneak in and retrieve it; if they believe in his story. Sam, Fai and Mok agree to make a run for the treasure to test their fate. What they uncover is beyond anything they expected: An ancient coffin containing a ceremonial robe made of gold! According to Mok, who deals antiques, the robe is worth millions. The thought of getting rich puts the three men's friendship to test, as their minds are beset by greed, fear and suspicion... The treasure also attracts the attention of others. LING (Kelly Lin), whose marriage with Sam is on the verge of collapse, plans to steal the robe and run away with her lover WEN (Lam Ka Tung). Even Mainland hit men want a piece of the action. All eyes are set on the treasure. Whoever will go to the extreme will become its owner. Between survival, wealth and friendship, Sam, Fai and Mok will ultimately have to make a choice…