Chapman To


Pang Ho-cheung


Chapman To态Isabella Leong







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It's the summer of 1999: the last summer before Macau's sovereignty reverts back to China. In this excruciatingly hot summer, Shing (Chapman To) feels the heat, not from the weather, but from the tight spot he's trapped in.

He's a cop on suspension, facing charges of collaborating with the triad in smuggling cigarettes. Without his gun and badge, he feels like a civilian. Or perhaps worse. He feels naked and helpless.

His Portuguese superior, who is part of the scam, is too busy packing up and collecting the profits to care what will become of Shing. Shing is left stranded in a spot that has been intended for him all along.

His only hope is to silence the defendant-turned-state-witness, Curry, whose testimony will put the last nail in his coffin.

While his life is falling apart, something else crashes into his life in the shape and form of an elfin creature by the name of Yan. Taking her for granted as one of his countless nameless and faceless one-night stands, he tries to smooth-talk her into bed. But Yan blurts out a name that becomes the biggest turn-off imaginable. A name from his long forgotten past…
At the age of 16 he impregnated his girlfriend Hua and gave her money for an abortion. Unable to deal with the situation, he walked out on her at the hospital and out of her life for good.

Shing now realizes that Hua did not go through with the abortion but died of lung cancer the year before. Since her mother's death, Yan (Isabella Leong) has been locked out of her apartment and needs a place to stay while her dog Isabella has been thrown out on the street.

While Yan asks nothing of Shing as a father, Shing feels obligated to help her find Isabella, which is not only the name of the strayed dog, but that of a ghost of his distant past: Isabella was also the name Hua used at the age of 16.

As Shing tries to cope with his new role as a father, his bachelor life inevitably falls apart as Yan's presence puts an end to his many one-night stands. Slowly getting to know each other, they soon find the solace they had long been searching for.

Will the newfound father and daughter, who have given up hope along the way, be able to find the true vocation of their lives?