Gimme Kudos


Feng Xiaogang


Huang Jianxin


Wang Zhiwen、Fan Wei、Chen Hao







Release Date


A superstar reporter at a Nanjing newspaper, Gu is a man who seems to have it all – a respectable job, a sizeable modern apartment, and a pretty police officer girlfriend. Little does he realize his whole universe is about to fall apart after his meeting with Yang, a country bumpkin who demands public kudos in his newspaper for saving a university coed from rape.

Brushing him off at first, Gu finally decides to investigate the case thanks to Yang’s relentless hounding. He finds out Yang’s old dying father was a national labor model, with diplomas galore extolling his exemplary work all over the walls in his decrepit hut. Never “recognized” for anything, Yang determines to show his father his own public kudos in a last desperate attempt to keep death at bay.

But everything becomes more complicated after Gu befriends the alleged rape victim, Ouyang Hua, a blossoming young woman as beautiful as she is mysterious. She originally refuses to corroborate Yang’s story. Only when the truth is about to be revealed does she try to thwart its publication by appealing to Gu’s conscience, claiming that her whole future and reputation will be at stake.

At the horns of a dilemma between objective truth and subjective reality, Gu is forced to delve into his own psyche only to find his value system increasingly unreliable, the raison d'être behind his profession on the verge of collapse, and his relationship with his long-time girlfriend all the more precarious…