Seoul Raiders




Tony Leung Chiu-wai、Richie Jen、Shu Qi







Release Date


Lam (Tony Leung), special agent of Japanese national security, enters into an intricate search for “The Avenger” plates used for the making of counterfeit notes. During the hunt, he comes across a foxy lady, JJ (Shu Qi), who happens be a thief with a hidden agenda. When JJ thinks she has successfully walked away with the plates, she does not realize Lam has preempted her by swapping them with a pair of fake ones.

Lam goes to the US Embassy with “The Avenger” to claim the $30 million reward offered by the US Government but is outwitted by a staff there named Owen (Richie Jen), who manages to con the plates out of him and flee to Korea.

Lam immediately follows Owen to Korea with a bevy of pretty Korean assistants. When Owen is about to trade the plates with “Black Bear,” (James Kim) a top dog of the counterfeit organization, Lam and his girls break in to thwart the deal, but Owen escapes with the plates in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, Lam bumps into JJ in Korea, and the pair decide to work together to take back the plates and split the reward. While Owen is immersing himself in a hot spring, Lam sneaks in and snatches the plates. He then uses the plates to lure Owen into his trap, arresting him in the end.

While Lam decides to bring down “Black Bear,” JJ secretly pinches the plates only herself to be kidnapped by “Black Bear” instead. Lam has no alternative but to meet “Black Bear” in downtown to settle the deal once and for all…