Elixir of Love


Ip Kam Hung


Richie Jen、Miriam Yeung







Release Date


From the writer/director of Metade Fumaca and Lavender comes this very "smelly" costume comedy that reeks of love, friendship and conspiracy, starring Asia's No.1 heartthrobs Richie Jen (Fly Me to Polaris, Silver Hawk) and Miriam Yeung (Love Undercover 1 & 2).

Once upon a time lives a princess in ancient China. Blessed with wealth and beauty, she could have been the happiest creature in the world had she not been plagued by a most unfortunate disease: since birth, her body exudes an odor so noisome that everybody in the palace shuns her. To rescue her from the island of isolation that she has become, the Emperor decrees that whoever can rid her of this loathsome disease can become her royal consort.

Kai is an amateur aroma therapist eking out his living as a gardener in a brothel. Earning little respect from the courtesans around him, he decides to try his luck and answer the Emperor's quest for cure. To everyone's surprise, he manages to beat all the traditional doctors and scientists to become one of the two finalists.

Given three months to find the ultimate elixir for the princess, Kai roams about a fish market and bumps into the perfect lab rat for his experiment: a fishmonger called Heung whose body odor can only be matched by the princess. For her it is love at first sight and she is determined to help him all the way. For him she is just a means to his ultimate end: proving his worth and marrying the princess.

Together the odd couple trek around the country, culling the rarest flowers and ingredients for the elixir. As they draw closer to the ultimate cure, they also grow closer in affections…