Silver Hawk


Michelle Yeoh、Thomas Chung




Michelle Yeoh、Richie Jen、Li Bingbing







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At a remote and treacherous part of the Great Wall, a jeep thunders at high speed across this terrain. Suddenly the roar of a turbo charge motorbike which flies over the Great Wall. It lands close behind the jeep. The bike and jeep continue their exhilarating chase; it’s like a cat and mouse hunt.

The rider is obviously a woman, her long silky tresses fly in the wind; she is clad in a skin tight black leather outfit. Her face is obscured by a mask. Her expression shows excitement, like a kid on a joy ride.

So begins the story of Wong Lulu or “Silver Hawk”, beloved by the people who idolize her as a rock star and heroine and vilified by the Police who think she is an interfering, meddling nosey parker who is making a fool out of the police force who always seem to turn up as the Silver Hawk has apprehended the criminals and left the scene.

Wong Lulu, infamous bachelorette and philanthropist was adopted by a rich family as a child. Lulu finds her thrills in her alter ego of the Silver Hawk. It’s very obvious that Silver Hawk is a very extroverted and exciting, the very opposite of the demure and beautiful Lulu. Although it is important to rid evil from society, it is the physical effort of catching the criminals that gives her the most thrills.

He greatest critic is Superintendent Richman who by a quirk of fate also trained with the young Lulu at Shaolin temple. Now years later he is pitched in a huge battle to capture the vigilante Silver Hawk who happens to his child hood friend Lulu. They are hunting the same nemesis so Richman must reconcile his desire to unmask Silver Hawk with his need for her help to fight the greater evil.