Summer I Love You


Banny Lo


Richie Jen、Candy Lo







Release Date


Wei Ching claims to have bad karma. Two years after her best friends’ deaths in Thailand, she remains locked in her bedroom, hiding behind various identities while chatting on ICQ, until one day she meets someone online who finally draws her out. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, Lek harbors no bitterness. His genuinely warm personality touches Wei Ching and they become fast friends. Lek invites Wei Ching to visit him at his island resort, but their deepening relationship is suddenly at risk when another accident threatens to leave Lek fully paralyzed. Wei Ching convinces him to undergo an experimental transplant therapy, offering herself as the cell donor. The surgery is a stunning success, but while Lek is able to walk again, the side effects take their toll on Wei Ching—she awakens one morning to discover herself 30 years older. She flees in panic, only to return because of her love for Lek. Unable to bear the burden of Wei Ching’s pain, Lek decides to reverse the surgery to save her…to save the love of his life.