Visible Secret II


John Chong、Ann HUI


Abe Kwong


Eason Chan、Jo Koo、Cherrie Yin







Release Date


Jack is laden with ominous anxiety the moment he and his bride Ching step into the new apartment they recently purchase at a suspiciously low price. For one thing, his new neighbors are not only unfriendly but downright creepy.

Notwithstanding Jack's miraculous recovery from a near fatal accident by a hit-and-run driver outside his building, everything starts going downhill from this point forward. On the one hand, the image of a gruesome female cadaver pops in and out of Jack's vision whenever he sneezes. On the other, Ching starts behaving most bizarrely, as if she is being possessed. Sometimes her reflection on the windowpane shows an altogether different woman; sometimes she would paint her face plaster-white or dress up like she never does before; sometimes she even vomits revolting yellow-green substance.

When Jack confronts Ching with all these, she becomes inexplicably evasive and defensive. Refusing to admit that the apartment might be haunted, she counterattacks that Jack is the one being possessed instead.

Fraught with suspicions and worries, Jack decides to seek help from September, an old friend who recently quits school abroad and returns to Hong Kong. Together they shadow Ching, following her to a graveyard. There they find a middle-aged woman viciously upbraiding Ching. After Ching has left, the woman tells Jack that Ching is solely responsible for her son's death. Meanwhile, September also discovers that Ching's mother, whom Ching claims to be dead, is actually very much alive in a mental institute.

Further investigation brings Jack and September to the apartment of Jack's next door neighbor, Tom. It turns out that Tom is a voyeur with clandestine videotapes and stolen letters of his neighbors. Jack immediately grabs the letters together with a tape marked with his own apartment number.

On viewing the tape, Jack is astounded to see Ching appearing in the apartment back in 1997. When he finally realizes that Ching is actually the previous landlord of the apartment, he cannot hold his curiosity or anger any longer. One accusation leads into another, until a full-blown altercation explodes between Jack and Ching, leading to the inevitable departure of Ching.

Is the apartment haunted? Who is being possessed, and by whom? Who is Ching really? And what role does September play in all these? Will Tom's stolen letters lead to more revealing clue? Can Jack fathom all these out in the end? Can he extricate himself from his quagmire? Will he and Ching get back together, if they ever survive this nightmare?