Sylvia Cheung


Daniel Wu、Edison Chen、Lee Sin Je







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Joker (Daniel Wu) is a talented but under-appreciated computer graphics designer. He dreams of creating the most faultless digital idol on the net: a paragon of beauty and desire called Princess D.

In partnership with his flamboyant baby brother Kid (Edison Chen) and with a small loan from his father, Joker starts his own design firm. To bring Princess D to life, he would need to find a human model. The moment he catches sight of Ling (Lee Sin Je), he knows that she's the one.

Beautiful, carefree, dauntless, and effervescent, Ling is everything Joker has been looking for in a woman. But she is also a bartender and a drug dealer in real life. Her father is in prison serving a life sentence and her brother is a fledgling criminal who is always in some kind of trouble.

After months of working days and nights together to create Princess D, Joker and Ling fall in love. Just when her cyber counterpart is about to be born and Joker has found an investor finally, Ling's own real-life misadventures soon catch up on her. She vanishes without a word.

Little does Joker know that, to save her brother from loan sharks, Ling is forced to traffic drugs across the border to China. As she crosses immigration, she is stopped by the officials¡Klast we know, Princess D flashes across her mind.

Meanwhile, Joker is desperately looking everywhere for Ling. It might take forever, but he knows he will find her some day, somewhere, somehow.