About Us

Corporate Profile

Media Asia Group Holdings Limited (“Media Asia” or the “Company”) together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is one of the leading Chinese language entertainment group with well-established business in Mainland China.  The principal activities of Media Asia include production and distribution of films and TV programs; organisation, management and production of concerts and live performances; artiste management; music production and publishing; licensing of media contents; and provision of consultancy services in planning and management of cultural, entertainment and live performance projects.  Apart from its Hong Kong headquarters, the Group also maintains offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.


Media Asia was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in February 2000 and changed its domicile to Bermuda in December 2009.  It has been listed on GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 31 May 2001.


In June 2011, the Company was acquired by eSun Holdings Limited through subscription of new shares.  Since then, the Company became a member of the wider Lai Sun Group, a conglomerate consists of five publicly listed companies in Hong Kong, specialising in media and entertainment markets.


Leveraging on the resources and experience of eSun Holdings Limited, which has over 20-year proven record in the Chinese language film industry and produced a number of well-recognised films with satisfactory box office recorded and international awards attained, the Company has a solid foundation to exploit to various sectors of the media and entertainment industry.